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Fjord Ferie Feriehus
Sæbøvikvegen 50
N-5454 Sæbøvik
Tlf: + 907 33 709
Fax: No Fax!
Kurt Henriksen
Tlf: + 47 907 33 709
Kjersti Sæbø Henriksen
Mobil: + 47 402 34 094
Opening hours:
Monday - friday
09.00 - 15.00


ID: K1

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Rosendal - Hardangerfjord

With its unique location on the island of Kalven, this modern cottage offers a remote feeling and exclusive privacy. “Eikely” takes “relaxed atmosphere” to a new level, still near the wide range of services offered in the region.



The 4-000 m2 plot offers a private waterfront of beach combined with a beautiful rock, a garden to relax or play in, a covered patio with an outdoor fire and gas grill, a comfortable hammock, peace and quiet - all in the middle of a lot of a picturesque coastal nature.



At arrival, cars have to be parked in Rosendal. Transport to the island will be arranged by landlord. An express boat is twice a day commuting to the mainland (Rosendal) and to Bergen. (



Included in the rent is a safe and good open boat with outboard engine and el-start. Easy to maneuver and suitable for fishing, visits to the neighbor island (Snilstveitøy) with its small grocery store or for trips to the mainland. A second boat can be arranged on request.



“Hometown” and the nearest village is Rosendal. Well known for a long history, a rich culture life, the unique Barony (, a breathtaking mountain scenery and unlimited access to nature. As the gate to the Hardanger fjord, Rosendal is a preferred starting point for any excursion in the region. 



The cottage “Eikley” is generous with its qualities and should inspire writers as well as readers, couples as well as families, anglers as well as mountain hikers, the lazy and laidback as well as the active.



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