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Fjord Ferie Feriehus
Sæbøvikvegen 50
N-5454 Sæbøvik
Tlf: + 907 33 709
Fax: No Fax!
Kurt Henriksen
Tlf: + 47 907 33 709
Kjersti Sæbø Henriksen
Opening hours:
Monday - friday
09.00 - 15.00

Welcome to Fjord Ferie in west Norway!

  • Foto: Terje Sætre Kristiansen, 4. Mai 2024
We mediate quality-cabins and holiday houses in Sunnhordland, from Sveio in the south to Tysnes in the north.
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H51 - H52 Larsstø

You can watch cabins/holiday houses by choosing 'show all cabins' or search actual cabins/holiday houses by id number or name. 


By pressing 'advanced search' one can also see what objects are vacant in the desired period. 


You may also enter 'Map' and watch their location.

Once inside an object you may find the vacant periods by exploring the calendar and order from the ordering form. Our picture gallery shows pictures from many angles. 


Do you wish for more information or help, feel free to call!


Our cabins and holiday houses are located at Halsnøy, Bømlo, Stord, Tysnes, Halsnøy, Fjelberg, Varaldsøy, Sandvoll Kvinnherad.


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Dreamdays at Halsnøy!

Sæbøvik Halsnøy

Glacier guiding at the Folgefonna glacier

A vacation highlight!
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