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Fjord Ferie Feriehus
Sæbøvikvegen 50
N-5454 Sæbøvik
Tlf: + 907 33 709
Fax: No Fax!
Kurt Henriksen
Tlf: + 47 907 33 709
Kjersti Sæbø Henriksen
Opening hours:
Monday - friday
09.00 - 15.00


From fjord to glacier!

km - 112 miles). The Hardanger fjord is often called the 'Queen of the Norwegian fjords.'
The municipality is centrally situated between Bergen and Stavanger. The distance from Bergen to Kvinnherad is 88 km ( 55 miles).
Kvinnherad is the 5th municipality in size in the county of Hordaland. The total area is 1,137.2 sq. km, with a population of 13,200 inhabitants. The biggest village is Husnes, with about 6,000 people living in or near the village.


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Holidayhouses in this area

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H71 - Ranavik rorbu
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V11 - Haukenes fjordcabins V11-V12

Sæbøvik Halsnøy

Glacier guiding at the Folgefonna glacier

A vacation highlight!
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