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Fjord Ferie Feriehus
Sæbøvikvegen 50
N-5454 Sæbøvik
Tlf: + 907 33 709
Fax: No Fax!
Kurt Henriksen
Tlf: + 47 907 33 709
Kjersti Sæbø Henriksen
Opening hours:
Monday - friday
09.00 - 15.00

Ranavik holiday house

ID: H17

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Ranavik - Halsnøy

In the geographic centre of the exciting and varying landscape at the mouth of the famous Hardanger Fjord you will find Ranavik, located on the picturesque island of Halsnøy, the most famous 'Pearl' of them all. The small prestigious resort has been built in one of the best protected and beautiful bays on the Island, and just a short walk or drive from the ferryport.

Ranavik is facing south and has it's own private sandy beach, the clear blue sea is just on your doorstep, acting as your own swimming pool.



The pine forest which surrounds Ranavik contains a lush undergrowth of heather, juniper, holly, wild ivy, together with berries and mushrooms.  These woods provide excellent opportunities for relaxing walks and an ample playground for the children. Children and grown-ups alike will also find fun at the sports and playground with tennis court, place for ball games, slide and swings.

For those with a more adventurous side, kayaking is also a popular pastime in Ranavik, as there are plenty of small bays to visit and idyllic picnic places on the smaller islands in the neighbourhood. Bikes and kayaks can be rented from Ranavik on a daily or weekly basis.



Ranavik is also the best place for the dedicated sports fisherman, located only minutes away from the reknown fishing grounds.



The town of Saebovik is but a short five minutes drive away and can fulfil most if not all of your daily shopping needs.

For a good cup of coffee or tea, one should visit the old local bakery with the most delicious home made bread and cakes.

There is also a supermarked in Eidsvik, a leisurely thirty minutes walk away or ten minutes with the boat.



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