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Fjord Ferie Feriehus
Sæbøvikvegen 50
N-5454 Sæbøvik
Tlf: + 907 33 709
Fax: No Fax!
Kurt Henriksen
Tlf: + 47 907 33 709
Kjersti Sæbø Henriksen
Opening hours:
Monday - friday
09.00 - 15.00



Halsnøy and Fjelberg are situated right in the luxuriant fjord scenery in Sunnhordland, at the mouth of the Hardanger Fjord. Round 2,300 people in all live on the islands, which have a long history dating back to ancient days. This has been discovered through numerous archaeological findings, and through grave mounds that are to be found in the whole area. 

The area is familiar to anglers, and in the fjords about 35 species of fish can be caught. But it is also a paradise for divers, where challenges can be found on most levels. The shipwreck near Hidle is easily accessible. On the islands there are idyllic outports which are much used by holidaymakers in leisure vessels.

This is the extreme west of the municipality of Kvinnherad, where Rosendal is the community centre.

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Sæbøvik Halsnøy

Glacier guiding at the Folgefonna glacier

A vacation highlight!
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